Fir Grove Cemetery

Fir Grove Cemetery is one of the most beautiful and peaceful memorial settings in the state. Set amongst old growth trees, that tower above the lush open green space, Fir Grove is the picture of serenity. Spread over 30 manicured acres, the cemetery can accommodate traditional burial, cremation burial and memorialization.

Smith Lund Mills Funeral Chapel, through our subsidiary Lund Cemeteries, Inc., owns and operates Fir Grove Cemetery. The business office for Fir Grove Cemetery and Lund Cemeteries, Inc. is conveniently located at Smith Lund Mills Funeral Chapel in Cottage Grove and can be reached at or by telephone 541-942-8532.

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Originally founded in 1869 by Ancient Free & Accepted Masons Lodge #51 and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Oregon Lodge #68, Fir Grove Cemetery was converted to a privately operated perpetual care cemetery in 1962.

Like most of western Oregon, Fir Grove cemetery enjoys four distinct seasons. All are beautiful and showcase the natural landscape of the area. Despite occasional freezing temperatures and snow in the winter, Fir Grove Cemetery can accommodate year round burials and inurnments.

Traditional Burial

Options for traditional burial at Fir Grove Cemetery include in-ground burial in one of the 23 developed areas. We offer single, double and family lots. Most areas accommodate either a flat marker or upright monuments.

Burial and Cremated Remains in One Grave

Placement of urns on traditional burial spaces is common. Up to two interments are allowed per full sized gravesite. This can be any combination of caskets or urns. This allows families to utilize burial space they many already have available. All burial spaces come with one interment right, a "Second Right of Interment" will need to be purchased for the second casket of urn placement.

A traditional graveside set up includes a tent, level platform for chairs, chairs, greens and the compete "set-on" for lowering the casket into the grave.

Cascade Cremation Garden

Fir Grove Cemetery's newest addition began to take shape in February of 2004. It sits atop a prominent knoll overlooking the cemetery and has a beautiful panoramic view of The Cascades. The Cascade Addition offers families many options for remembering a family member that has been cremated.

Urn Burial Sites

Fir Grove Cemetery Cascade Addition situated on a knoll in a forested setting offers over 700 urn burial spaces. These are offered in 2' or 3' square spaces. The larger of the two allows for traditional sized flat markers to be used. Urn placement is a way to integrate contemporary cremation with traditional burial. A lasting tribute for generations to come.


Brilliantly polished granite columbaria provides for the permanent placement and shelter of cremated remains. Our columbaria accommodates up to two urns in each niche compartment. For memorialization, solid cast bronze name plaque is affixed to the exterior with optional bronze tranquil vases and VA provided bronze veteran's service medallions are an additional option. A niche can be reserved by purchasing the niche in advance of need.

Book of Remembrance

Perhaps you have scattered a loved one's cremated remains in a favorite place. Maybe your loved one is buried in another state or cemetery and now you have no local place to go and reflect on memories. Fir Grove Cemetery has a beautiful solid granite "Book of Remembrance" nestled in a natural garden overlooking the valley. Each square has a personalized bronze cenotaph plate with name, year of birth and year of death. This is a perfect, quiet place to visit and remember those special times.

Memorial Granite Stepping Stones

Located on a knoll in beautiful Fir Grove Cemetery is a memorial pathway of individual granite stepping stones. These stones can be placed in memory of a loved one, providing a permanent, local place to reflect on memories and remember a life. These stepping stones wind their way through Fir Grove's, Cascade Cremation Garden leading to a bench where you may sit and reflect on memories while overlooking the valley. Each remembrance is a solid gray granite stone that is naturally designed to last. Engraving and personalization are included with each stone. This is a simple yet permanent way to remember a life lived.

Memorial Bench

A monument is created to commemorate a life. A memorial bench will satisfy your heart-felt need to honor your loved one. Cremated remains can be placed within a bench if desired. They provide a pleasant place for your family and friends to visit, rest and reflect. A limited number of benches locations have been preselected throughout Fir Grove Cemetery. These beautifully landscaped locations are available with spectacular views of the valley and the Cascades.

Markers and Monuments

From small flat grass markers, to large custom granite monuments, our knowledgeable staff can help you design a lasting tribute, a permanent memorial that will last for generations. Markers are primary constructed out of granite or bronze. Customizing a marker can be a rewarding process, as it allows the family to design a memorial that truly reflects the deceased. Some of the decisions you will need to make are:

  • Choosing a flat marker vs. an upright monument.
  • Choosing the type of granite; color etc.
  • Choosing the size, shape and style.
  • Choosing personalized inscription and design.

Our staff can help you with these decisions by showing you examples and templates that will help you ultimately create your tribute. Markers can be a simple (flat bronze marker) or elaborate (hand-diamond etched full-color pictures) as you desire. Know that this creative process is a wonderful way for your family to be involved in the final care of your loved one.

Vault and Graveliners

Vaults and grave liners are used to protect the casket and keep the grave from collapsing due to weight from earth and equipment. Fir Grove Cemetery requires, at a minimum, a concrete grave liner to be used for all burials. Burial vaults are also an option, they provide a greater level of protection than a traditional liner. Most vaults have a synthetic lining, and seal water and air tight. Fir Grove Cemetery offers more than 12 different types of vaults and liners for you to choose from. The specifically designed range of choices is aimed at meeting each family's aesthetic, protective and budget needs. To view our selection please contact us at 541-942-8532.

Columbarium Management

Fir Grove Cemetery now has two Columbaria installed in the Cascade Addition. These above ground burial options, for the placement of urns, is located under a forest canopy and well within easy walking distance from the road. Each niche can accommodate two urns and includes the polished granite cover and a bronze name plaque.

With the recent addition of their own Columbaria, both Creswell Pioneer Cemetery and Drain City Cemetery, now provide options for above ground placement of urns. Much like the ones in Fir Grove Cemetery, these Columbaria are situated among trees with sweeping views. They are constructed of solid granite, and have individual sealed niche compartments with polished granite covers. Each niche allows for the placement of a bronze name plaque, bronze tranquil vase, and for Veterans the VA provides a bronze service medallion. You can reserve a space today by purchasing the niche in advance of need.

Grave Digging Services

We provide custom, low impact, precision excavation throughout the region. Below is a partial list of the cemeteries we regularly provide services for. If you do not see your cemetery of choice on the list please inquire with us.

  • Fir Grove Cemetery
  • Creswell Pioneer Cemetery
  • Drain City Cemetery
  • Yoncalla Masonic Cemetery
  • Yoncalla Applegate Cemetery
  • Elkton Cemetery
  • Scottsburg Cemetery
  • Gates Cemetery
  • Franklin Cemetery
  • Lorane IOOF Cemetery
  • Taylor Lane Cemetery
  • Sears Cemetery
  • Shields Cemetery
  • Walker Union Church Cemetery
  • Mt Vernon Cemetery
  • Comstock Cemetery
  • Silk Creek Cemetery

Lund Cemeteries utilizes specialize equipment and skills to provide low impact burial services for cemeteries. Our professional staff takes extreme care to leave each cemetery in the condition it was found.

Our trained cemetery team strives to integrate seamlessly into the funeral plan. Whether they are working under tough weather conditions or a specific time constraint, the team will do it's best to accommodate your family's needs. Our standards for internment are some of the highest within the industry.

  • Modern, clean and reliable equipment.
  • Extensive uses of protective lawn mats to move equipment in and out of cemetery.
  • Full Service Set-Up with every service.
  • Professional, courteous and presentable staff.
  • Re-seeding the gravesite upon completion
  • Outer Burial containers options: Poly grave liners and Cement grave boxes

Expertise with:

  • Hillsides and hard to reach locations
  • Rock removal
  • Roots removal
  • Monument obstructions
  • Locating existing interments
Fir Grove Cemetery Present Day Photo circa 1915 Fir Grove Cemetery Traditional graveside set up Traditional graveside set up Cascade Cremation Garden Urn Burial Sites Urn Burial Sites Columbarium #1 Brilliantly polished granite columbaria Columbaria Book of Remembrance Bronze Plaque for Book of Remembrance Memorial Granite Stepping Stones Memorial Granite Stepping Stones Memorial Bench Memorial Bench Fir Grove Cemetery Columbarium #2 Creswell Pioneer Cemetery Drain City Cemetery Lund Cemeteries specialized equipment and skills Lund Cemeteries specialized equipment and skills Full Service Set-Up with every service Full Service Set-Up with every service Our Expertise