Why You Need Smith Lund Mills

Why you need Smith Lund Mills involved with your Memorial Service

Bringing value every step of the way means...

  • Having experienced professionals guiding you through the process, offering Peace of Mind.
  • Helping you create a meaningful service that fits you.
  • We work closely with church staff and volunteers, bringing a level of experience to ensure that items important to the family are covered.
  • Organizing and creating beautiful displays of flowers, memorial focal points, and memory tables.
  • Managing seating in an efficient way that helps utilize all available space and allowing the service to start on time.
  • Capturing all attendee's signatures on the register book.
  • Coordinating all participants in the service including the musicians, speakers, ministers and audio/visual for a flawless event.
  • Operating all audio and visual equipment when needed, including portable video players, PA system and wireless microphones.
  • Providing specialized funeral equipment such as; flower stands, memory tables, candles, register stands, Veterans flag stands, reserved seating and parking signs, easels, picture boards, large portable video screens, and projectors.
  • Our staff will set up displays, move picture boards, flowers and memorabilia from the service to the reception and clean up the chapel/church upon the completion of service.
  • We coordinate with your florist to ensure all flowers are delivered and displayed. When the service is complete we will deliver the flowers per your instructions to their final destination and provide you with all the flower cards.
  • Re-packing your precious photographs, personal effects and treasures and returning them to you.
  • Our goal is for you to focus your attention on what is most important; your family and friends. The professional staff of Smith Lund Mills will handle all the details of your service

Easing Your Burden

While it is important to include family, friends, and church community in the preparation and planning of your memorial, it can be difficult to ask them to take on certain tasks such as cleaning up or delivering of flowers and cards. To this end, the staff at Smith Lund Mills Funeral Chapel strive to seamlessly assist your family in memorial preparations. We often collaborate with family and friends on picture boards, videos, memorial folders and the like. We partner with local clergy to create that "just right" tone that captures your loved ones outlook on life. In the end, we are here to serve and make the day of your memorial the best it can be.

A memorial is a time of grieving, celebration and spending time with family and friends. Leave the work to us.