Why We Can Help

For more than 100 years, Smith Lund Mills Funeral Chapel — a family-owned and operated full-service funeral care provider — has served Lane and Douglas Counties with professional care and compassion. Our staff can help plan funerals, memorials, cremations, celebrations of life and receptions.

To better assist the families we serve, we offer online cremation planning and a state-of-the-art crematory on-site, and we have the availability to provide Alkaline Hydrolysis — a “green” alternative to cremation that features a reduced carbon footprint.

We treat every family with dignity in a “no-pressure environment,” so your family can be assured that their needs will be met by our caring staff. Smith-Lund-Mills strives to provide options and ideas to help our customers make informed, satisfactory choices.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service with compassion and dignity through:

  • Prompt Service - When a death occurs, our caring and professionally trained staff will respond with little to no delay, 24 hours a day.
  • On-Site Care - Our on-site holding facility and crematory ensure that your loved one does not leave our care once we receive them. (Note: this does not apply to Alkaline Hydrolysis)
  • Unity Cremation Vacuum System - This is the only procedure that ensures the complete return of all recoverable cremated remains from the crematory.

We attach no Hidden Fees for:

  • Additional Required Merchandise
  • Expedited cremations
  • After-Hour Removals
  • Refrigeration Charges
  • Plus Sized Cremations

At Smith-Lund-Mills, we are proud to offer straightforward answers, exemplary attention to detail and caring service throughout the funeral process.