Genealogy Request Form

Connecting The Past to The Present. We know your family's history is important to you.

Finding vital information can often be difficult. We may be able to help. Public records from the funeral chapel date back to 1906. We also have Fir Grove Cemetery records available. Those records go back to the late 1800s.

In many instances we can locate simple information, such as grave locations, about past generations in a few computer clicks. In cases where we need to do more research, we have a simple Genealogy Request Form. We will attempt to answer all questions, such as birth and death information, location of deceased in cemetery, and any other miscellaneous information you ask for in your request. Most of the time, our services are free of charge.

Prior to the information age, not all data desired is available. Therefore, results may reveal all of the information sought, some of it, or in some instances, no information at all. In those cases we have a list of references we can turn your family on to in an effort to keep your search moving forward.

Additional genealogical/ancestral information is also available locally through:

All searches utilize Smith Lund Mills Funeral Chapel & Crematorium and Fir Grove Cemetery records only and do not include such sources as obituaries or death certificates. They are completed in the order in which they are received and will be mailed to you within two-to-six weeks (if our search turns up empty-handed, we will notify you of this via email.)

Please complete (as much as possible) the information on the form below and select 'Submit Request' at the end to send the request to us.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact Smith Lund Mills Funeral Chapel & Crematorium at: 541-942-0185

Genealogy Request Form